Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MiMI becomes a star!

I decided to bring in my Flip video camera and catch MiMI and friends on video.

Here is the first video of MiMI getting a drink of water and looking over her domain.

MiMI Joins the Breakfast Club

Tuesday, early in the morning, MiMI decided to join us for breakfast. After sniffing around a bush just below our window, she crouched and 'jumped'. Breakfast served!

I am assuming this was a bird, but couldn't actually see what she swallowed in one gulp. My assumption was from the dive boming birds attacking from the trees.

On Wednesday, something interesting happened. MiMI brought a friend. I didn't get a picture though. Hopefully next time I can catch them together and get some video.

First Picture of MiMI the CoyUTI

This is the first picture of MiMI the CoyUTI. We are guessing she is female, and from this picture you can understand why. We are looking out the window from our office, but she cannot see inside because of the mirrored glass.

Just below the tree, there is a little watering hole she comes and drinks from every day. We sometimes see her more than once. This picture was taken on 4/16/2010.